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Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and foster homeless felines until safe, caring, and permanent homes are found for them. Adopt A Cat also works toward lessening the pet overpopulation problem by spaying and neutering its rescues, educating the public of the importance of sterilizing companion animals, and by providing information on low cost spay/neuter programs in Houston.

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  • Adopt A Cat specializes in cats.

  • A "No-Kill" policy is followed. (Only animals who's pain and suffering cannot be alleviated are euthanized.)

  • Cat are not kept in cages unless there is a special need for it. 

  • Everyone gets a home and stays in our care until that special day comes.

  • Each year we give many un-weaned and abandoned kittens a chance to survive by hand feeding to the best of our abilities.

  • All of our cats are spayed or neutered before they are adopted, with few exceptions. 

  • We give sick and injured cats the treatment and care they deserve to eventually become the healthy and wonderful friends they were meant to be.

  • We are a grassroots organization whose success and growth is a result of caring individuals working together in their communities to rescue cats.

  • We not only have adoptions at our main location, we also have a few other locations around Houston to adopt from.

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Beautiful Gray Cat


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Image by Nicola Fioravanti


Beverly Harper

Hannah Huecksteadt

Cori Kirby

Sylvia Diaz

Shannon Harms

Victoria Kooken

Our Amazing Volunteers!

Loretta Cowger & Virginia Brasher

Special thanks to Crystal Stinekrause 

About Us: About Us
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